Definitii (2)

Pentru dinozaurii tineri din scoli

urban recycling

Recycling (introducing old structures into a new cycle) rather than rebuilding (building anew something that has existed) or re-habilitating (habilitating a decrepit construction). Urban recycling means beginning a new cultural, physical, economic and social cycle in a city.
Re-cycling means accepting that something has reached the end of its life cycle and that another cycle has to be begun on the basis of an existing condition. The culture of re-cycling, proper to the twenty-first century, is different to the culture of re-habilitation, proper to the late twentieth century, which aimed to habilitate something that was valid in its time and that, after a period of abandonment, was to be restored to its original state. Recycling allows construction on existing bases (it does not require the creation or importing of new products), turning it into a material that is coherent in itself.
The history and the culture of a place is a fundamental datum on the basis of which a new cycle is begun. Urban recycling not only affects the physical aspect of the city, but also the behaviour of its inhabitants, a new attitude on the part of its managers, the development of new economies.
Recycling is innovating.

The Metapolis Dictionary of Advanced Architecture, ACTAR


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