The Sheffield Beasts – Royal Hallamshire Hospital

The Royal Hallamshire Hospital is a slightly different beast. It is taller, but still as massive as they get. When looked upon from the Arts Tower (another beast to be described later) or from Crookes Valley Road, over Crooks Valley Park, it appears as a beast in its full splendour. When approaching it it starts to be less impressive as a mass, but still quite imposing as the pictures from the nearby streets show it.

The Royal Hallamshire Hospital was built in the 1970s, and, as wikipedia writes, it has been inaugurated by Prince Charles, Prince of Wales. We all know his take on architecture so I guess it was an awful day for him to release this beast into the wild jungle of Sheffield Built Environment.

It is an impressive grey block of concrete, like a toy block for giant children. It is imposing in the environment made mainly out of 1 or 2 story housing.


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